Preventive and protective measures against static electricity

The workers of any company must be adequately protected and equipped with what is necessary to ensure their integrity, especially if there´s exposition to the risk of ignition in an explosive environment or where static electricity is the order of the day.

To know what preventive measures must occur in the work environment, we invite you to read the following article in detail, especially for your knowledge.

Hand holding ESD symbol label with antistatic gloves on black background,Electrostatic Sensitive Devices (ESD) in electronic industrial.


Static electricity damage (ESD)

We have already mentioned that a large amount of electrostatic discharge can be potentially dangerous for both the workers and the electronic products. These effects can be into three groups: serious accidents, annoyances, and product damage.

Serious accidents. They can occur when there is an effective source of ignition in an explosive atmosphere, causing the initiation of a fire or an explosion; This is why workers must use products that prevent electrostatic discharges, such as those in our catalog.

Inconvenience. In general, inconveniences do not represent a danger in themselves for the worker, although it will depend a lot on the work environment in which they work. For example, if the worker is doing work at height, the reaction to a shock can cause them to lose their balance resulting in a fatal end. Likewise, the constant static electricity can cause discomfort in the long-term worker.

Damage to products. Items are especially susceptible to damage if exposed to constant electrostatic discharge, such as:

Electronic equipment. Electrostatic discharge can cause damage, especially to integrated circuits.

Continuous productions (textile, paper, etc.). The electrostatic charges generated in this type of production can attract dirt or dust, incorrect stacking or packaging, or even cause traffic jams.

The transport of materials in solid-state (powders) or liquid. Electrostatic charges can cause blockages in the pipes and cause unscheduled breaks, low productivity, and poor quality of the final product.

Final considerations

The good news in all this information is that we can prevent all damage caused by static electricity on time, with products of the best quality and at the best price, such as those we propose in our extensive catalog.

At AAMG Fast Supply , we are committed to serving you in the shortest delivery time and at the best price on the market!

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General risks of static electricity

Static electricity not only affects sizeable electronic product companies, but the risks caused can also occur in any place or situation and practically any material, regardless of its state of aggregation of matter (solid, liquid, or gaseous).

The most common effects occur when electrical charges build upon one object and dissipate as a spark to another entity. These effects can be potentially dangerous in explosive environments or, for example, if there is a gas leak at home.

To learn more about the risks involved in static electricity or ESD, and to know how to avoid them, continue reading this interesting article that AAMG Fast Supply shares with you .


Electric capacitor

In the document "Risks due to static electricity", published by the National Institute for Safety and Hygiene at Work (INSHT),it is argued that: "static electricity represents an imbalance in the distribution of charges by transfer of electrons between two materials that have interacted, creating a disturbance in the space that surrounds these charges called an electric field and, therefore, a potential difference between them."

Two conductive bodies separated by an insulating material (or even by air) can get a charge, one with a positive charge and the other with a negative charge; this is the so-called electric capacitor's constitution.

Since in nature it is sought that everything has a balance, by establishing a sufficiently conductive path between the two bodies mentioned above, the stored energy is released, discharging and possibly producing a spark or disruptive discharge. This sudden recombination of the separated charges constitutes the risk, and its study is the main object of the document mentioned above ("Risks due to static electricity").


How to Prevent Static Electricity Hazards (ESD)

To avoid the risks mentioned above and many more, your company staff must have the necessary equipment to prevent any electrostatic discharge, especially if your company makes electronic devices since they are especially susceptible to ESD damage.

AAMG Fast Supply has a wide variety of products specially designed to avoid such risks, and you can find in our catalog the best quality of products such as mats, heel pads, safety shoes, among others.

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The importance of preventing static electricity in your business

We are all familiar with that electric feeling experienced from time to time when touching an object or even people around us. This feeling is due to ESDan electrostatic phenomenon that consists of a sudden and momentary electrical current between two items with different electrical potentials.

But why is this electrostatic phenomenon potentially dangerous? ESD is an expensive and risky threat when it comes to electronic devices, and it can cause explosions or fires if the environment is flammable, not forgetting that it can also cause data failures.

How can we prevent this phenomenon so that none of our products are damaged? We explain everything in this article, so keep reading, and don't miss any details.

Hands and electric discharge over black background.


What processes generate static electricity?

It is essential to know what causes static electricity, such as the friction of two materials, either against each other or separated from each other.

Contact charge is also a factor; when electrically conductive objects come into contact, and one of them is more charged than the other, it yields its charge to the other to equalize the electric potential difference.

The crown charge must also be taken into account when a minimal surface has a very high electrical potential, generating the corona effect discharge.

Induction charging is another phenomenon that occurs when an object produces an electrostatic field but acting at a distance on nearby objects, polarizing the charges.  


How to prevent static electricity in your business

Now that you know the importance of avoiding ESD in your company's processes, it is crucial to keep all your processes under a safe and risk-free production system. For the above, you can count on AAMG Fast Supply!

We offer you a wide range of products such as mats, heels, safety shoes, among others, always with the best quality, in an almost immediate response time and at the best price you can find in the market.

Please do not risk your processes or electronic products. Trust a professional supplier of products that will give you the confidence and security that your company deserves to efficiently and professionally carry out its

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